Mission Statement

Our Goals
*Restoring the legacy of the great silent film actor Rudolph Valentino
*Promoting an interest in silent film
*Promoting new talent who seek to express art via the medium of film
For many years Rudolph Valentino's legacy has been overshadowed by his untimely death at the age of 31.  Many have forgotten the man in the midst of the legend.
Silent films have rarely been accessible until recently with the advent of internet and DVD technology.  Valentino strived hard for his art and wished to be taken seriously as an actor.  However to this day he is still known only as 'The Sheik' or 'The Latin Lover'.  It is not uncommon to find a pretentious historian dubbing him only as a 'pretty face' despite evidence to the contrary.
There are many events, books, and films to commemorate Valentino's death and Sheik image.  But there are very few to celebrate his life, his work, and his legacy.  Much like silent film, Valentino the actor is a forgotten relic of another time and with technology there is no need for this.  Silent films are a highly entertaining art form not much different from 'talkies', and Valentino was one of the great actors of his day, with an amazing screen presence and dedication to his films.  Films like "The Eagle", "Monsieur Beaucaire", and "All Night" show this.
Our mission is to honor the legacy of the real Valentino, the part least remembered in the Cult of the Sheik.  Valentino strived hard for artistic and creative control of his films.  He sang the praises of others who did likewise, and even started his own award, "The Rudolph Valentino Medal", to commemorate such films (John Barrymore's "Beau Brummell" won the first and only medal).  The award was the first of its kind, a precursor to the Oscars which would come a few years after his death.
With The Rudolph Valentino Film Festival we hope to help bring recognition by new generations to the wonderful forgotten art of silent film and the actors who made them, to showcase new filmmakers who follow in Valentino's vision of artistic and creative film, and to restore the legacy and memory of the man and actor known as Rudolph Valentino.

The Rudolph Valentino Film Festival

For more on our schedule, venue, and film lineup please click here.  The Rudolph Valentino Film Festival will take place in May 2010 at The Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood, CAThe Rudolph Valentino Film Festival is an annual event created by Hala Pickford and run by The Rudolph Valentino Society.  The original festival will occur every May in Hollywood, and there are plans to expand it in other locations as well as the years pass.


In August 2008 writer Hala Pickford had an idea.  On her silent film website http://forgetthetalkies.com she had launched many 'honor projects', projects intended to help restore various silent film legacies and causes.  An avid Rudolph Valentino fan tired of the focus on his demise she decided a project was indeed needed for her favorite actor.
In early 2009 she began work on The Rudolph Valentino Film Festival, the first of its kind in the US.  The festival will take place at The Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood  during May 2010.  The focus will be on Valentino, silent film, and new filmmakers.  Per Miss Pickford's vision this annual event will be a spectacle that can not be missed!

The Rudolph Valentino Society

Formed in June 2009 The Rudolph Valentino Society was created to help further the goals of the film festival as well as other projects to honor Rudolph Valentino, Silent Film, and New Filmmakers.  For more information please see http://rudolphvalentino.org